What is the significance of the campaign name?

It is our desire to make our church as welcoming as possible to our community. We are the recipients of the sacrifices and generosity of those who originally built the sanctuary. Now it's our turn to pass on the blessing. The “A Place for You” Capital Campaign is our response to the recent church wide vote to honor God by maintaining and renovating the amazing facilities He has blessed us with. It is our desire to ensure that all those who have not yet come to seek Him will experience the same inviting environment that awaited us.

What are we looking to do with money raised?

The goal of the campaign is to make necessary upgrades to the Sanctuary. Specifically, we are looking to replace the carpet and pews, and to modernize the audio/visual system.

When will the campaign begin and end?

The campaign will be kicked off on Oct. 15, 2017 when we will hand out of pledge cards. We will collect the cards on Oct. 22nd, and have an initial offering. We will continue to have special campaign offerings on a monthly basis for the next 36 months. We also encourage online giving.  

When will the project be completed?

Emphasis will be on raising as much up front as possible, so that we can move forward on the pews and carpet as soon as possible. We will try to conclude all of the work in 2018. We will seek God’s discernment around when in the journey to consider taking out a loan to get the work underway. Any loan that we take out must be able to be serviced by continued pledges over the next 3 years.

How much should I give?

Giving is a personal decision between you and the Lord. It can only be reached by praying and seeking God’s guidance so that your gift represents his perfect plan for you.  

Could this campaign affect the operations and existing ministries of the church?

Giving to the capital campaign should be above and beyond your tithing. Because our church ministries are funded through the faithful tithes of God’s people, having a campaign should not negatively affect our ability to continue to provide excellent programming and ministries. This is a season of focus toward creating a warm and welcoming space that will allow us to reach everyone that God brings through our doors. The continuity of our programming is a very integral part of accomplishing that.