The Woman Healed
Michael Oldham
Mark 5:21-34

We are going to look at another healing this Sunday, and one which helps us to understand that when God moves on our behalf, it is not attached to our amount of faith, or lack of faith. It is about His glory and our obedience to simply do the things He calls us to. This is a story of worry, a bit of panic, of fear, and ultimately joy, as God moves and restores people.

The Man Born Blind (pt. 2)
Michael Oldham
John 9:18-41

Today we are going to pick up where we left off last 
week, with the blind man’s parents not wanting anything to do with having to give an answer as to what happened with their son. “Yes, he’s our boy. Yes, he was born blind. No, we don’t know what happened and don't want to be involved, ask him, he’s a grown man.” Let’s see how this all plays out as we finish up with this miracle of an encounter.
The Man Born Blind
Michael Oldham
John 9:1-17

We pick up again this week with the encounters of Jesus and this man who was born blind. Belief, faith, pride, questioning and seeing how God works in our world are all things we will talk about this Sunday. God’s good works are always on display if we take the time to look, observe and most importantly, believe. I am thankful that He never wants to leave us as He finds us, even when it is challenging to step into a new reality.

Take Heart, I Have Overcome
Michael Oldham
John 16:25-33

This Sunday, September 11, we are going to take time to remember and reflect. I wish to do so purposefully, in light of God’s promises, that He has overcome all that this world has to throw at us. I want us to look to the Scriptures and not only ask a couple of questions: Where is God when it hurts, and where is He when things go horribly wrong?  But also, to find answers and comfort in the Bible when it comes to such tough questions and issues.

The Rich Young Ruler
Michael Oldham
Luke 18:18-30

Pastor Mike dives into the story about the the "rich young ruler" and how we can respond to his conversation with Jesus.

The Woman at the Well
Michael Oldham
John 4:1-27

We are going to look at a story that will be very familiar to some, the woman at the well. I want us to learn how to keep a “Jesus perspective” of humanity. Jesus had such a way of handling people, most especially those who were social outcasts, ethnically “unclean”, and just living on the fringes.

Biblical Tithing
Michael Oldham
Luke 21:1-4, 1 Corinthians 15:58-16:4

In our final study on, “Why the Bible?”, we will look at the principle of tithing. Let’s acknowledge right off, it is not a fun topic to tackle or talk about, and that is precisely why we should. We are given great principles through the Scriptures on how to live our lives, serve God and one another. Tithing is one of them. This Sunday, I want us to look at what we are responsible for, why it’s important, and how we go about it. Through the story of the ‘Widow’s mite’, we are going to discover that what is most important is the posture of our heart before the Lord, and ultimately seeing this as a trust issue.

The Time In Between
Michael Oldham
Hebrews 9:24-28

There is always so much about the end times to talk about, not just for the world, but the Church as well. Couched in all of the events of the end is the promise of our King Jesus that He will return and that He will set things to rights, as N.T. Wright would say.
This weekend we look at what is important to know and focus on when it comes to “end times things” and what is not.

Iotas and dots
Michael Oldham
Matthew 5:17-20, 2 Timothy 3:10-17

This week we continue with Jesus statement from Matthew about His fulfilling the Law and Prophets. It’s weird when He talks about “I’s” and “dots”. Every mark on every page of the scriptures are so important that they will never go away until Jesus fulfills them.We meet a pastor by the name of Timothy this week and learn about his heritage and who it was that taught him the Bible. We will learn about when he and Paul met and why it is important for us today to continually learn as Timothy did.

Trials and Tribulations
Parks Pearce
James 1
James, Jesus’ brother teaches us that it’s not if trials come, but when they come, count them as joy because God is Good!
The Man Moses
Michael Oldham
Matthew 5:17-20, Exodus 2:1-10

What does the man Moses have to do with the comments Jesus made in His sermon in Matthew 5? He is a vital part of the story of God’s people, their freedom, and “the Law”. So much of Moses points to Jesus. He was a prophet, the deliverer, and the one through whom God gave the Law.

The Law and the Prophets
Michael Oldham
Matthew 5:17-20

We begin a new series this weekend within our year-long series “A Year With The Master”. We are going to focus on the big story of the Bible and why Jesus said what He did here in Matthew’s gospel. What does it mean that He came to fulfill the law and prophets? We look to understand the worldview of Jesus, and why that matters to us as we seek to understand the Bible and its importance as God’s word.

Salt and light
Michael Oldham
This week we are going to look at what it means to be salt and light in a world of saltiness and dark days. Jesus has walked us through who we are, as he shared with us the blessed are statements. He then shared with us the fact that even when, especially when, you do things right, you will find that trouble and persecution come. But that we are to be encouraged because they did the same things to King Jesus.

Father's Day
Michael Oldham
Blessed are you, the persecuted
Michael Oldham
Scripture: Matthew 5:10-12

Theme: This week we are going to close out our study in the Beatitudes, looking at the persecution which comes as followers of Christ. Not always an exciting topic, but we will learn that simply following Christ in this world, does not always bring great results or responses.

The Advocate
Jeff Cornwell
Scripture: Acts 1:1-5 & Acts 2:36-47

Theme: Pentecost--the forgotten and mysterious holiday. Experiencing the Holy Spirit, in person, as "the promise of the Father". What we've all been waiting for--fulfillment. We will take a look at what Jesus says, and Peter explains why those people in the upper room look intoxicated, but that's not what's going on...
Finding joy in a grieving world
Michael Oldham
Scripture: Psalm 73

Theme: How do we keep our joy in a world full of sorrow and grief? Focus-confession-placement and position

Blessed are the peacemakers
Michael Oldham
Scripture: Matthew 5:9, Ephesians 2:14-17

Theme: Being a peace maker is harder than one thinks. Jesus is actually not looking for appeasers, but rather truth tellers who operate in love.

Blessed are the pure in heart
Michael Oldham
Scripture: Matthew 5:8 / 1 Peter 1:13-25

Theme: To be pure in heart means to guard your heart, your life and focus in the right direction, being filled the Holy Spirit. 

Mother's Day
Pastor Lisa Marie Thibault
The Crossing
Michael Oldham
Scripture: Joshua 4:1-10

Theme: Learning to connect all of the generations along the journey of life is what will make a healthy community. 

Blessed are the merciful
Michael Oldham
Scripture: Matthew 5:7, John 8:1-11

Theme: Grace and mercy tempers truth, never does it remove it. 

The Empty tomb
Michael Oldham
Scripture: Luke 23:44-56

Theme: New Creation is launched as Jesus rises from the dead. Nothing in this world will ever be the same.

Were you there? Good Friday
Michael Oldham
no media

Palm Sunday
Michael Oldham
Title: The return of the King

Scripture: Luke 19: 28-48

Theme: Celebrating Palm Sunday and the return of the King, one word stands out more than any other to me: Humility.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst
Michael Oldham
Scripture: Matthew 5:6 / Luke 23:32-43

Theme: What does it mean to hunger and thirst after righteousness? Will we ever be satisfied on our own?

Blessed are...the meek
Michael Oldham
Scripture: Matthew 5:5 / Matthew 26:47-56

Theme: What happens when the script is flipped and the kingdom principle of meekness inherits the earth? How can we live this out as Jesus did? Especially with all of the issues in our world today.